Living Room Society Launched

Established in August 2017, the Living Room Society is a giving circle of donors whose contributions are paving the path forward for Tosco Music Parties and all of our outreach programs.

LRS Appreciation Gatherings began in October 2017 to bring the giving circle together for music parties the way Tosco Music began in the early 1980’s, with musicians and friends coming together to play and sing in the warmth of someone’s home.

Become a Living Room Society Donor with a single gift or pledge, or by setting up a recurring monthly payment of $84/month. 

Your contribution will help build the vital organizational capacity Tosco Music needs to transition from a primarily volunteer-based nonprofit into a sustainable cultural arts organization for future generations of Charlotteans to enjoy.

Thank you to founding LRS Donors for sharing our vision for the future of Tosco Music!

  • Jim & Betsy Deupree
  • Phil & Beth Koonce
  • Dennis & Kaye McGarry
  • Ivi Bilich & Jennifer Twiggs
  • Dave Carlson & Gretchen Caldwell
  • Dumont Clarke & Shirley J. Linn
  • Sally Higgins & Ray Owens
  • Phyllis & Peter Fulton
  • John Richards & Leigh McDonald
  • Jane & Ian Ballard
  • Teri & Kemp Miller
  • Mickey Aberman & Linda MacDonald
  • DeWitt Crosby & Robert Wechsler
  • Janice & Dave Sachs
  • Jan & Jim Brittain
  • Philip & Lisa Cope
  • Elizabeth Teagarden & Scott Anderson
  • Lou Kinard & Charlie Elberson
  • Chase & Ron Law
  • Elizabeth Lewicki & Pam Montag
  • The Thomas Family - Scott, Beth, Caroline, Bizzy, Sarah, Robert & Twinkie
  • Errol & Catrina Restelli
  • HP & Kimberly Giger
  • Sue Chamberlin
  • Jared Bendel & Lauren Kennedy
  • Josh & Adara Jacobson
  • Jan Parham
  • Larry & Catie Good