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_Viva la Música CLT! 06/27
Open Mic 07/02
FabFest 10/04-05


Visulite Theatre
Viva la Musica June 27- save the date

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Carlotan Talents & Tosco Music bring you their fourth and final

Viva la Música CLT! on Thursday, June 27 at 7:00 PM at Visulite Theatre! FREE

A celebration of Charlotte's diverse musical talents. Join us for the grand finale of the season, featuring a show that blends soul music and Brazilian vibes.


We know that live music fans of all backgrounds in Charlotte enjoy music of all kinds, and we want this series to bring everyone together to enjoy live music as one community.

All four Viva la Música CLT! events are *FREE*, so bring your family and friends! You won't want to miss this multi-cultural music experience for all ages.

Viva La Música CLT! bridges cultures through music with four shows across Charlotte featuring musicians from various backgrounds and genres.

This is our final Viva la Música CLT! in 2024. Stay tuned for more FREE events!


  • The music parties are an indie-music institution in Charlotte, so popular they often fill a 1,200-seat hall, with a roster of performers that has included everyone from American Idol contestants to The Avett Brothers.

  • What started 20 years ago as a jam session in John Tosco’s living room has bloomed into one of the region’s most unique regional events – and a coveted gig for unsigned artists.

  • A Tosco Music Party is a theatre in the round of sorts for acoustic musicians. It's a medium that breaks down artificial barriers between entertainers and audience.

  • Maybe you’ve never heard the new folk trio out of Chapel Hill or the dulcimer player from Appalachia. Maybe you’ll marvel over a double-necked guitar solo or a 13-year-old classical pianist. Whatever you’re seeking, this incredible, quarterly variety show will make you grateful to have John Tosco curating your musical adventure.

  • Think of Tosco Music Party as the musical equivalent of walking into Ben & Jerry's and saying: 'I'd like a spoonful of everything, please.'

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  • Creative Loafing

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  • Charlotte Magazine 2014 BOB Awards

    Best Place To Discover New Music

  • Creative Loafing

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