Tosco Music Office

Get involved with Tosco Music as a volunteer! 

Tosco Music has a great community of volunteers who help make Tosco Music Parties happen five times a year and also help with hospitality and other needs at TMP's, Tosco Music Open Mic every month, and other outreach activities in the community throughout the year. Become a volunteer to help with hospitality at events, set up or pack up, or to sing in senior communities, help weekdays in the office, or pass on Tosco Music news on social media as part of the Share Team. Next TMP is September 14 and summer Tosco Music Open Mic is July 3, August 7 and Sep 4.

Summer 2019 Volunteer Info Sessions (attend one only): 
12:30-2:00pm  Thursday, July 25 
10:30-12:00pm Saturday, August 3 (rescheduled to Aug 24)
6:30-8:00pm  Monday, August 12
6:30-8:00pm  Tuesday, August 20
10:30-12:00pm Saturday, August 24
12:30-2:00pm  Thursday, August 29

Tosco Music Office   
4953 Albemarle Road   
-near the intersection of Sharon Amity  
-turn right onto Greenbrook Drive then left into parking lot
-in the CAM Building  
-entrance faces Greenbrook Drive and Precision AutoTune

Volunteers help in a variety of ways:
Tosco Music Parties – hospitality, set up, raffles and merch table, pack up
Tosco Music Open Mic – hospitality and taking videos of performers
FABFEST - Charlotte's First Beatles Festival - hospitality, set up, everything!
Other Community Outreach - Senior Singalongs, public events
Tosco Music Office – general program support
Share Commitee - repost 1-4 designated announcements per year 

How to sign up for a Volunteer Orientation?
Use the website Contact Form to let us know which one you can attend.

What Volunteers Say:

"Music creates a common bond across many diversities. It is great to witness this bond occur at every Tosco Music Party and we are grateful to be part of that experience."  -Ed & Allison Binder

"Tosco Music is an opportunity to sing out of the shower. So the chance to volunteer and help others have the chance to experience that joy is important to me. It is also like another family for me because all of the people are so generous and kind and devoted." -Wendy Clarke

"I like what Tosco Music stands for, I like their Open Mic nights and the Tosco Music Parties. Also, I get to work in the positive environment while getting volunteer hours for school." -Annie Odom


  • The music parties are an indie-music institution in Charlotte, so popular they often fill a 1,200-seat hall, with a roster of performers that has included everyone from American Idol contestants to The Avett Brothers.

  • What started 20 years ago as a jam session in John Tosco’s living room has bloomed into one of the region’s most unique regional events – and a coveted gig for unsigned artists.

  • A Tosco Music Party is a theatre in the round of sorts for acoustic musicians. It's a medium that breaks down artificial barriers between entertainers and audience.

  • Maybe you’ve never heard the new folk trio out of Chapel Hill or the dulcimer player from Appalachia. Maybe you’ll marvel over a double-necked guitar solo or a 13-year-old classical pianist. Whatever you’re seeking, this incredible, quarterly variety show will make you grateful to have John Tosco curating your musical adventure.

  • Think of Tosco Music Party as the musical equivalent of walking into Ben & Jerry's and saying: 'I'd like a spoonful of everything, please.'

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  • Charlotte Magazine 2014 BOB Awards

    Best Place To Discover New Music

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