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John Tosco at Creative Mornings Charlotte


Creative Mornings Charlotte hosted John Tosco and friends for their September 6th gathering, hosted at Project 658 on the theme of Muse. 

John was joined by Eric Lovell (guitar), Craig Malz (bass), Matt Carter (drums) and members of the TMP Singalong Choir, Phyllis Fulton, Miranda Reger and Jason Hackner — and an incredibly receptive audience singing along! 

Thanks to the whole Creative Mornings Charlotte team for fanning the flames of Charlotte’s creative community every month! If you haven’t yet been to a @cm_clt event, put it on your list of things to do in Charlotte and give yourself a taste of the fun that inspires. 

And thanks to Matt Olin and Tim Miner for daily elevating Charlotte’s creative capital with their musical, whimsical and dramatic antics!