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LRS Spotlight: Jim & Betsy Deupree

LRS Spotlight: Jim & Betsy Deupree image

Jim & Betsy Deupree are Living Room Society donors who have been coming to Tosco Music Parties for over a decade. They became members in 2016, and met other members in the VIP Lounge where they learned more about what Tosco Music wants to do to become a permanent part of Charlotte’s cultural arts landscape. After they joined the Board of Directors in 2017, together they championed the creation of Tosco Music’s first donor giving circle last fall. We talked with Jim briefly at home one evening.

What do you enjoy most about the music parties? I love the original entertainment, the fact that many of songs are written by the artists, and they tell a story about the artist. I love when people link arms together and sway back and forth to the music. I love the chance to meet the artists and talk to them a little bit. And the fact that it’s so appropriate for all ages, it’s humanity coming together to have a wonderful night.

Why do you think the singalongs are such a big part of TMP? They’re nostalgic, and they get everybody engaged versus just the stage.

When you’re not involved with Tosco Music, what else do you and Betsy like to do? We have a lot of varied interests. We’re foodies, wine collectors and consumers. We love travelling. I love photography. I tend to build stories about our travels (with short combinations of pictures and words) and we love to share those with people who are thinking about travelling to places we’ve been.

You and Betsy hosted the first LRS Appreciation Gathering in October 2017. What are your thoughts and reflections about living room music? That was such a special evening. The fact that John returned to his roots was a big part of it being special. Just the way people sat in a circle and intermixed and brought their instruments. It put a heartbeat in our house – we love this house – but it put a heartbeat in it that still resonates.

What is it that you share with others when you talk about LRS? In addition to the love of music, we’ve learned through these gatherings that it’s a very special group of committed people. I’ve been on 7 different boards and I’ve done a lot of different things, and all the groups have a meaningful cause, but the way Tosco Music reaches people of all ages is just very special. Together, let’s help keep it going for a long, long time.