OCTOBER 14, 2023
DECEMBER 18, 2023
& APRIL 20, 2024

Music Career Exploration Workshops with ourBridge for KIDS

At Tosco Music’s career exploration workshops, Charlotte’s premier music professionals serve as Teaching Artists, inspiring community youth as they explore different music-related career paths. Topics covered at these workshops have included:

The workshops included:

- Performance & Stage Presence with Noel & Maria

- Sound Engineering & Lighting at the Evening Muse with Joe Kuhlmann

- Management, Booking & Promotion with Gregg McCraw of MaxxMusic

- Recording & Production at Grindhaus Studios with Jason Jet

- “Embracing Your Culture” with Tony Arreaza of UltimaNota

“They [the kids] were super excited to ask questions and see a variety of people in the industry and their different roles,” said Andrea Romero, Middle School Coordinator at ourBridge for Kids, “This really exposed them to a lot of different parts of music that they may not know about.”

It's been wonderful to watch this bright group of students express themselves through music, while also learning about a variety of careers from music-industry professionals!