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Musician Outreach & Support Initiative


Thirty-two years ago, when John Tosco began holding informal musical gatherings in his living room and at other homes, the musicians and singers were also the audience, entertaining one another in turn as the evening progressed. Today, in large theatrical venues, through virtual programs, and with hundreds of participating musicians and tens of thousands of listeners far beyond Charlotte’s borders, Tosco Music has significantly grown to now include community events, open mics, programs for older adults, and youth music scholarships.

Our 23-year-old nonprofit has always recognized not only the power of music to bridge divides, create community, and bring joy, but also the central role that musicians have played in these efforts, even more so during these pandemic and socially polarizing times. The culturally diverse musicians that make our programming possible remain the backbone and heart of everything we do.

And so this year, we are proud to announce that Tosco Music will be expanding its community outreach by supporting local professional musicians while building bridges to young people in underinvested communities. Leveraging our strong, trusted relationships in the Charlotte region, we will be creating a formal support network for current and aspiring professional musicians of all ages, experience levels, cultural backgrounds, and at all stages of the professional journey in order to provide them with more equitable access to performance opportunities, and to support them as creative entrepreneurs.

Our new Musician Outreach and Support Initiative will engage two important groups:

Young aspiring music professionals: In partnership with local youth-serving organizations, Tosco Music will recruit and train music industry professionals to serve as teaching artists, hosting a series of workshops focused on skill-building and career pathway exposure. Workshops will explore topics such as performing/developing stage presence, music producing/recording, sound engineering, and booking/event producing.

Professional musicians: Tosco Music will begin offering professional development and skill-building workshops aligned to needs identified by music professionals on topics such as the basics of accounting, understanding contracts, brand development, marketing, financial health, and taxes. Future topics for deepened discussion will be identified by actively listening to and engaging with the music community.

This year will usher in a broader direction for Tosco Music as it continues to serve as an artistic catalyst, conduit, and convener –– sparking new efforts, bridging across divides, and bringing the music community together to improve the quality of life for all those we serve.

We hope you will join us in our efforts, attending our events and supporting us as a volunteer, performer, donor, and/or fundraiser. Together let’s build on the ways we celebrate the power of music –– through the power of community.