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Congrats to scholarship winner, Madison Emehel!

Congratulations to Madison Emehel, the newest recipient of a Jacob Titus Youth Music Scholarship. This orchestra student at Charlotte's Northwest School of the Arts started violin in the 6th grade, has played in CMS's Honors Orchestra, and is a member of the Charlotte Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Madison wrote in her application, "For years I’ve always wanted an electric violin, so I have been saving my money. With an electric violin, I could step up my music game by having something that produces a different sound than my acoustic violin. I will also be able to perform in larger spaces due to the sound that an electric violin can produce." We were pleased to help her speed that goal along with funds from the Jacob Titus Youth Music Scholarship! She purchased her electric violin from our community partners at The Violin Shoppe and has since been able to perform in larger spaces, pictured here entertaining residents at Cadence Assisted Living in Huntersville.

Thank you to Tamara Titus & Lane Jacobs for launching this youth music scholarship opportunity with Tosco Music in 2019, and to everyone who has added their own contributions to this special scholarship fund to honor the memory of Jacob Titus. Learn more about donating to, or applying for, the Jacob Titus Youth Music Scholarship here.

Tosco Music is a volunteer-powered nonprofit organization that has been building community through music in Charlotte for more than 30 years through Tosco Music Parties and music outreach throughout Charlotte. Since 2010, Tosco Music has provided dozens of scholarships for youth and adults to summer music camps through Arts+ (formerly Community School of the Arts) and The Swannanoa Gathering.