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2021 Swannanoa Gathering Scholarship Winners

2021 Swannanoa Scholarship Winners

Announcing this year's winners of Tosco Music's Scholarship to The Swannanoa Gathering!

2021 Tosco Music Adult Scholarship winner: Cindy Nunn

2021 Tosco Music Youth Scholarship winners: Colsen Hofert (top left), John Maddrey (right)

Congratulations to all!

Every year, Tosco Music awards 3 scholarships (one adult, two youth) to The Swannanoa Gathering, an outstanding series of summer music camps at Warren Wilson College with nationally renowned instructors and an uncommonly beautiful and community-oriented environment for musicians of all ages, experience levels and genres to hone their craft.

Special thanks to all Tosco Music Members who support this meaningful opportunity for Charlotte’s emerging talents!