See our Report to the Community. See Tosco Music Holiday Party highlights here.


Our nonprofit mission


Born from intimate living room jam sessions in Charlotte, NC, Tosco Music Parties have grown into popular community concerts where nationally recognized acts share the stage with undiscovered artists and audience members are invited to sing along throughout the evening.

From concerts and open mic nights to youth music scholarships and outreach, Tosco Music is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the community explore, develop and share their passion for music in all its forms.

In 2018, we celebrated 30 years of music parties and our 20th year as a nonprofit organization.

In 2019, Tosco Music presented live music at almost 100 different events and activities in 31 different locations throughout Charlotte and the surrounding communities, and provided paid performance opportunities for more than 150 musicians. With the addition of our inaugural FabFest-Charlotte's Beatles Festival, overall participation in our programs surpassed 14,000!

Our mission is supported in part by the Infusion Fund, as well as by our Living Room Society and Tosco Music Members, and earned revenue from ticketed events and community outreach services.

See our Report to the Community here. Tosco Music's financial statements are available on Guidestar. Learn about our founder and Executive Director, John Tosco, here. Read more about Tosco Music's history here.

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Tosco Music provides live music throughout Charlotte and the surrounding communities. in 2019, we provided paid performance opportunities for more than 150 musicians. We presented live music at 100 events and activities at 31 different locations throughout the Charlotte region, with participation surpassing 14,000! This impact is only possible through the support of music lovers like you.

Learn more below about our programs and the people who make them possible. If music is your passion, join Tosco Music and help enrich our community through music!


  • Tosco Music Party

    Tosco Music Party

    In 2018, we celebrated 30 years of Tosco Music Parties in Charlotte! Held three times a year, each Tosco Music Party showcases an eclectic mix of all styles of music, with performances by a variety of local, regional and nationally-touring acts. Tosco Music Holiday Party was added in 2016 to celebrate the season and Charlotte's vibrant music community. All shows include Tosco's trademark singalongs with the audience. Tosco Music will celebrate our 100th Tosco Music Party in April 2022. See videos of past TMP highlights here.

  • Beatles Tribute

    Beatles Tribute

    Every June, Tosco Music hosts a Beatles Tribute in the same format as the Music Parties - only all Beatles songs! After 15 years of sold out Saturday nights, we expanded our most popular program into a weekend festival drawing Beatles fans from across the Southeast to FabFest - Charlotte's Beatles Festival. The next FabFest is scheduled for July 22-23, 2022.

  • Open Mic Night

    Open Mic Night

    Whether you're a veteran of the stage or making your debut, our open mic nights offer a supportive community atmosphere where you can share your love of music. See glimpses of Tosco Music Open Mic online, and come enjoy the music or share your own!

  • Musician Support

    Musician Support

    Performers feel the hospitality on the night of events, from the full backline provided, to a buffet dinner in the green room and host housing when needed. We assist with CD sales and help make connections for future opportunities at area venues and private events. Read about our new musician outreach and support initiatives here.

  • Community Outreach

    Community Outreach

    Tosco Music brings the joy of singing to seniors in the community and area events that are free and open to the public. Tosco Music strives to make Tosco Music Parties accessible with affordable ticket prices and ticket scholarships for area nonprofits and the people they serve. Since 2010, Tosco Music has awarded numerous music scholarships to The Swannanoa Gathering and Arts+ Music Camp, as well as through the Jacob Titus Youth Music Scholarship Fund.


  • Robert Adden

    Board Treasurer
    Ruff Bond Cobb Wade & Bethune, LLP

  • Carolyn Allred

    Children's Theater of Charlotte

  • Tony Arreaza

    Carlotan Talents

  • Jane Ballard

    Chair Elect
    Retired, SPX Corporation

  • DeWitt Crosby

    Retired Psychologist

  • Betsy Deupree

    Chapter Two

  • Jim Deupree

    Chapter Two

  • Michelle Hamilton


  • Martha Harbison

    Community Contributor

  • Maria Howell

    Singer, Actor, Voiceover, Coach

  • Josh Jacobson

    Board Chair
    Next Stage Consulting

  • Brad Merlie

    Ponte Ventures, LLC

  • Sam Merritt

    Alston & Bird LLP

  • John Ockerbloom

    Co-Head of US Real Estate at Barings

  • Lance Ollivierre

    Central Piedmont Facilities Management

  • Carrie Teixeira

    Community Volunteer

  • Cynthia Walsh

    Cox Walsh & Associates


  • Brian Collier

    Executive Vice President
    Foundation For The Carolinas

  • Charlie Elberson

    VP/Insights Strategist, Wray Ward
    Trustee, Reemprise Fund

  • Tom Gabbard

    Blumenthal Performing Arts

  • Mark O'Connor

    Professional Musician, Composer, Author
    Past TMP Performer

  • Susan Patterson

    Retired, Knight Foundation

  • Kyle Petty

    Broadcast Media Professional
    Past TMP Performer


    • Mickey Aberman & Linda MacDonald

    • Ian & Jane Ballard

    • Jared Bendel & Lauren Kennedy

    • Ivi Bilich & Jennifer Twiggs

    • Jim & Jan Brittain

    • Dave Carlson & Gretchen Caldwell

    • Dumont Clarke & Shirley J. Linn

    • Wendy Clarke

    • Jack & Caydea Coobs

    • DeWitt Crosby & Richard Wechsler

    • Jim & Betsy Deupree

    • Mark & Adele Dillon

    • Mark & Maria Easley

    • Charlie Elberson & Lou Kinard

    • Lorraine & Sebastian Fazzino

    • Frank & Patricia Fisher

    • Parker& Joan Foley

    • Phyllis & Peter Fulton

    • Michelle Hamilton

    • Martha Harbison & Ron Cox

    • Russell & Becky Helms

    • Sally Higgins & Ray Owens

    • Jess & Vince Hindman

    • Maria Howell

    • Josh & Adara Jacobson

    • Kathryn & Luke Kissam

    • Phil & Beth Koonce

    • Beth Lewicki & Pam Montag

    • Susan Loudenslager & Greg Smith

    • Stephen Allred & Carolyn Lugo-Allred

    • Brian & Mary Anna Marley

    • Dennis & Kaye McGarry

    • Brad & Barbara Merlie

    • Samuel & Kelly Merritt

    • Teri & Kemp Miller

    • Mike & Lisa North

    • Patrick O'Leary & Karen Yamasaki

    • John & Amber Ockerbloom

    • Tom & Elaine Pacicco

    • John & Sarah Parham

    • George & Peg Povinelli

    • John Richards

    • Alice Richey & David Pitsner

    • Cathy & Terry Roche

    • Robert & Susan Rose

    • William Saunders

    • Ron & Marion Solomon

    • Brian Tarle

    • Elizabeth Teagarden & Scott Anderson

    • Carrie & Jeff Teixeira

    • Paul Trapani & Carol Thompson

    • Janice Valder

    • John & Tucker Viccellio

    • Cynthia Walsh

    • Al & Tracy Zapata

    • Kim & Robert Adden

    • Trish & John Anderson

    • Greg Cagle

    • Tom & Vickie Gabbard

    • Tom Hanchett & Carol Sawyer

    • Katie & Malcom Hubicki

    • Scott & Jennifer Mansfield & Family

    • Tip Nicholson & Nancy Davis

    • Susan Patterson & George Tyree

    • Andy Baxter & Susan Gover

    • Cheryl & Jamey Brownd

    • Jeffrey & Elizabeth Gore

    • Rob Hammock & Caroline Chambre Hammock

    • Tim & Kathryn Johnson

    • Bronah & Bill Livingston

    • Jayne & Tony Buckley

    • Richard & Allyson Burns

    • Matt, Ashley & Piper Crowder

    • Sharon Frazier

    • Buddy & Cheryl Furr

    • Marion Gittings

    • Gerald Goff & Amanda Martinez-Goff

    • James & Elaine Herlihy

    • Virginia Herron

    • Charlie Huff

    • Harriman Jett

    • Harry & Sandy Johnson

    • Tom & Mary Keifer

    • Wayne & Patricia Kool

    • Christopher & Audrey Lakin

    • Amy & Dustin Long

    • John Markovics & Nicole Norton

    • Jan & Greg Piland

    • Ron, Louise & Katy Robinson

    • Kim S

    • Bryan Stanfill

    • Harry Taylor

    • Nick & Kendall Tosco

    • Cricket Weston & Dave Molinaro

    • Gillian Albinski & Douglas Young

    • Tony & Ailen Arreaza

    • Tanja Bechtler

    • Heidi & Irelyn Bell

    • Rob Bloise & Shelly Hypes

    • Spence & Jayne Borden

    • Jerry Cinqmars

    • Tom Covington

    • David & Mandy Craft

    • John & Cheryl DePedro

    • Larry & Jan Dimick

    • Lee & Marlene Engel

    • Noel & April Freidline

    • Suzanne Gainey

    • Sarah Goad

    • Barbara Holt

    • Dan & Jan Johnson

    • Judy Lekoski

    • Maddrey Family

    • Tracey Martin

    • Yo & Ron Osborn

    • Ron Robinson

    • Bill & Janice Rogers

    • Cathy Tisdale

    • Diana & Dave Wade

    • Jill Blumenthal

    • Nancy and Lee Bobbitt

    • James & Kathy Brennan

    • Patti Burk

    • Douglas Buttrey

    • David Christensen

    • Marcia Corenman

    • Bill Custer

    • Alice Gallagher

    • Michelle Held

    • Taryn, Scott & Colsen Hofert

    • Dennis Jena

    • Lisa Lackey

    • Susan League

    • Nelda Leon

    • Campbell McEntire

    • Merrie McGrath

    • Bunny Nash

    • Matt Sadinsky

    • Tom Schmutzler

    • Walker Spruill

    • Louis Stephens

    • Scott Strassels

    • Nina Suddeth

    • Mark & Karen Thomas

    • Amanda Wade

    • Ron Wolfe & Linda Brooks

  • Think of Tosco Music Party as the musical equivalent of walking into Ben & Jerry's and saying: 'I'd like a spoonful of everything, please.'

  • A Tosco Music Party is a theatre in the round of sorts for acoustic musicians. It's a medium that breaks down artificial barriers between entertainers and audience.

  • Creative Loafing

    Charlotte, NC

  • Creative Loafing

    Charlotte, NC