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Anaïs Mitchell at TMP in 2004

Anaïs Mitchell at TMP in 2004 image

Congratulations to Anaïs Mitchell and all of her team, cast and crew! 

Hadestown was originally the fourth album by Anaïs Mitchell, released by Righteous Babe Records in 2010. Nine years and 8 Tony Awards later, congratulations to Anais Mitchell and her entire team, cast and crew for carrying her vision for this mythical musical through to the global audience it deserves! 

To celebrate, we reached deep into the #TMPArchives where we found this gem from even further back, when we first met Anaïs fifteen years ago, thanks to Reeve Coobs who also appears in this highlight from #ToscoMusicParty so long ago. Listen and remember - were you in the TMP audience for this 2004 performance by Anaïs Mitchell?

Here's the bio that we printed in that 2004 TMP program:
Anaïs Mitchell, at twenty-three, has already managed to win the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk competition (2003), tour the Middle East with a rock & roll band, and release a second album, Hymns for the Exiled on Waterbug Records. She has opened for acts such as Dar Williams and Ellis Paul. Anais was born and raised in Vermont on a sheep farm by a novelist father and graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in political science. A voracious traveler, Anais has spent a good deal of time in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, studying languages (Spanish, German and Arabic) and international politics. She brings a worldly depth to her writing – which she presents to her audiences with a graceful presence of spirit.

Learn more about Anaïs Mitchell  and Hadestownand listen to the