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Order your Tosco Music face Mask Today


We can't wait to be back in theaters with you sharing music in person again soon! 

Let's all do our part to get there as soon as possible!

These 3-ply cotton face masks are $12 each (tax and shipping included). They are washable and reusable. Tried and tested with 100% satisfaction in our pilot run below, so we ordered more. Questions? Contact us here.

Order in three easy steps here:
1. Select Other in the Amount box and write in $12
2. In Memorial Gift box, use the drop down list to select "Other"
3. In the Made For box, write "Face Mask" 

If you would like to order a face mask to be mailed to someone else, use the Send Acknowledgement box starting with "Please send mask to" and provide the name and mailing address. You can also use the Memorial Message box to enter a message to be included when the mask is shipped.

Wearing is caring! Thank you for caring!