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Music Career Workshops with ourBridge for KIDS


At Tosco Music’s career exploration workshops, Charlotte’s premier music professionals serve as Teaching Artists, inspiring community youth as they explore different music-related career paths. Topics covered at these workshops have included:

The workshops included:

- Performance & Stage Presence with Noel & Maria

- Sound Engineering & Lighting at the Evening Muse with Joe Kuhlmann

- Management, Booking & Promotion with Gregg McCraw of MaxxMusic

- Recording & Production at Grindhaus Studios with Jason Jet

- “Embracing Your Culture” with Tony Arreaza of UltimaNota

“They [the kids] were super excited to ask questions and see a variety of people in the industry and their different roles,” said Andrea Romero, Middle School Coordinator at ourBridge for Kids, “This really exposed them to a lot of different parts of music that they may not know about.”

It's been wonderful to watch this bright group of students express themselves through music, while also learning about a variety of careers from music-industry professionals!