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100th TMP Highlights April 2, 2022


Click the gray dots above to view photos by Monty Chandler.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our 100th Tosco Music Party milestone with us! It was a great night packed with so much incredible talent.

See the full printed program here. Watch John and our 100th TMP featured on QC Life and WCNC. See Tosco Music's congratulatory shoutout from Mayor Vi Lyles here.

Performers included:

Jim Brock
Reeve Coobs
Joe Daccache
David B. Frank
Funky Geezer
Emma James
Christie Lenée
Bob Malone
Karen Poole
Caroline Keller Band
Jay Rogers
Joey Santo
Chulin Tang
and The TMP House Band & Singalong Choir!

100th TMP Performer Collage

100 TMPs fly by fast! Check out these printed programs from two of the 1998 music parties.

Old TMP Programs