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Hear John Tosco's interview on WFAE Amplifier


Tune into for “Amplifier” Friday morning, Sep 14 to hear John Tosco with host Joni Deutsch @achangeoftune who is shining a light on Charlotte’s music scene! 

"It’s really about those connections. [It’s about] bringing the musicians together, providing them a stage and a performance opportunity and helping them make connections with each other... and with their audience." - John Tosco on today's #WFAEAmplifier podcast

New episodes drop every weekday in September and so far have included past TMP performers Chris Garges, Jason Jet, Bruce Hazel, Soulganic and Noel Freidline @oldhousestudio @jasonjet @brucehazel @officialsoulganic and @noelfreidline — if you’re a music lover in Charlotte, you’ll want to listen to every day! 

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